Chapter 1201

When Nash heard that, his brows furrowed together. If that was the case, the five of them might not be able to handle the Southern Martial Alliance after all. There were four Path denominations. The One Path was founded by Dalin. It was originally known as the Five Grain Sect and was later renamed the Heavenly Masters Sect. Clear Dew Court, led by Eric, fell under One Path. The All-True Path was founded by Raes and focused on the cultivation of internal alchemy. This denomination had relatively stricter rules such as abstaining from meat and alcohol, similar to Mythism. The Supreme Path with masters as its patriarch mainly involved the practice of using talismans, similar to the Heavenly Masters Sect. Nash and Johnathan belonged to the Supreme Path, a denomination that had declined over time. The Purity and Light Path, also known as the Filial Piety Path, originated in the south during the Sun Dynasty and flourished during the Yule and Light Dynasties. It was also facing a decline

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