Chapter 119

The reddish sword hovered above Philix’s head, shielding him from the purple-colored bolts of thunder. The heavenly sword trembled continuously, making it difficult for the five bolts of thunder to continue falling. Nash released large amounts of inner energy from his right-hand finger and used it to stabilize the heavenly sword. Stellar gulped. “Nash… How should I assist you…” “Shut up!” “Alright!” Stellar sealed his lips and stared at the terrifying thunder. Was this a magic technique that priests used? Even martial artists like Zakariah would not be able to withstand that power, right? Nash soon used up all his inner energy, and his heavenly sword began trembling slightly. The five bolts of thunder also weakened slightly. Nash bit his tongue and spat out a bloody wad of mist. The bloody mist formed an image of the heavenly sword. Boom! The five thunderbolts shattered into pieces. … At the same time. Somewhere in the middle of nowhere up North. Inside a str

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