Chapter 120

The Terranova ninja’s sword pierced Cillian’s stomach. He went flying backward and eventually got pinned to one of the mansion’s walls. Meanwhile, the Terranova ninja’s body split into two halves because of Cillian’s sword aura. The remaining corpses still under control picked up knives and dashed toward the mansion. Lloyd slammed his hands to the ground before he got to his feet and stood in front of the mansion’s door. He had a determined look in his eyes as if he were ready to sacrifice his life then and there. Zakariah got to his feet and picked up a longsword from the ground before walking over to stand next to Lloyd. George, who had lost one of his feet, leaped into the air and landed beside them. Janson took a deep breath. “If I die today protecting the warden, I will have no regrets!” He slowly made his way toward the other three after finishing his sentence. The four stood shoulder to shoulder and exchanged smiles. Over thirty killers waved their weapons over

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