Chapter 121

However, Nash did not care. As long as he started on the path of cultivation, the shortened lifespan would naturally be replenished. After hearing Stellar’s words, Philix was deeply moved and walked up to Nash. “Mr. Calcraft... please accept my bow!” he said, about to kneel down. Nash quickly helped Philix stay upright, smiling as he said, “Warden, you mustn’t. You're a great hero who guards the Northern Territory, and I'm just a commoner. How can I have you kneel before me?" With tears in his eyes, Philix said, “Mr. Calcraft, either you become sworn brothers with me, or you accept my kneeling!” Stellar whispered, “Warden, Nash is only in his 20s. He could be younger than your son. Are you really going to swear brotherhood with him?” Philix glared at Stellar. “Did I ask for your opinion?” Stellar kept his mouth shut, not daring to utter another word. Truthfully, he wanted to suggest that the warden adopt Nash as his adopted son. After all, the warden had no children, and after

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