Chapter 122

Philix bowed deeply toward the two rows of corpses. “Rest assured, brave heroes. You protected me for a moment; I'll defend the Northern Territory for a lifetime!” Stellar, Henderson, and the inspectors all raised their hands in salute. Grant, Joseph, Zakariah, and Skadi also paid their respects with a bow. In the morning, Jade brought a group of high-ranking political figures from Jonford. They solemnly bent over and bowed, paying their respects to these heroic spirits who had died protecting the warden. Cillian, Lloyd, and Nash, however, offered their respects with a hand on their hearts. In fact, these three were very highly regarded in both the martial arts world and the priest community. They did not even need to pay their respects. However, these people died protecting the warden. They were worth honoring. Half an hour later, under the guidance of an ambulance, a hearse from the funeral home slowly drove into the manor. Hospital staff performed the final checks on the de

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