Chapter 123

Nash had seen Lori once when he was registering his personal information in the HR department. “I didn’t expect you to personally come here for such a trivial matter, Ms. Lynch…” Nash smiled and stood up to greet her. After all, he could not just sit back when a department manager was personally delivering his work ID, right? “Ack…!” As Lori approached Nash, her high heels wavered and she stumbled toward Nash with a surprised cry. He quickly grabbed her arm with his strong hand and asked in a deep voice, “Are you okay?” Lori was a head shorter than him, and her blouse was about to pop open… No... it had already burst open. A button on her white shirt had popped out. Her milky, tender skin quivered slightly. Lori furrowed her brows, giving Nash a pitiful look as she bit her red lip and said, “Mr. Calcraft... I... seem to have twisted my ankle…” Nash let go of her arm and pointed to the first aid kit hanging on the wall. “There’s some medicine for that in the first aid kit...

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