Chapter 124

“Me? “I’ve been in ten relationships!” Hera said playfully. Nash showed a faint smile. “I almost believed you... A woman who’s been in ten relationships wouldn’t have trembled when sleeping with a man!” Recalling the scene of sleeping in the same bed with Nash the night before, Hera’s face blushed. At that moment, her phone rang. It was Lauren calling. “Hera, how’s the implementation of the recruitment plan at the branch?” “I’ve just approved it. We can start large-scale recruitment tomorrow!” “Good. Drake Group has already prepaid a deposit of 1.5 billion. We need to increase production as soon as possible!” “I got it already. How’s Dad's injury?” Hera asked with concern. “It’s just a superficial wound. You don’t need to worry!” “By the way, do you and Nash have any plans tonight? If you’re both free, come over to the Lewis family estate for dinner!” “Ah... I... Let me ask…” Hera turned to Nash. “Do you have any plans tonight? My mom has invited us for dinner at the Lewis

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