Chapter 127

She had to persuade her grandfather to abandon the idea of marrying her off to the Hills. Herman looked puzzled and asked, “What do you mean?” Without considering her parents’ worry for her, Hera immediately recounted how she and Skadi were kidnapped by Crow. Upon hearing this, Herman expressed disbelief. “Are you saying they wanted to kill Skadi? That... That seems improbable, right?” Hera asserted confidently, “It’s absolutely true. Hunter himself admitted it. If Nash hadn’t arrived in time to save us, the consequences would have been unimaginable!” “Grandpa…” Helena initially wanted to interject. However, she remembered that Crow from Causeway Bay had indeed died. Nash had saved Hera and Skadi. Therefore, Nash must have been the one who killed Crow. Helena looked at Nash, who was looking back at her calmly. “What is it?” Herman heard Helena calling him and turned his head to ask. Helena shook her head. “N-Nothing…” Nash killed Crow. That meant he had offended Howard o

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