Chapter 128

“Alright, it’s getting late. Go and get some rest!” Haspard waved his hand without intending to converse much more with Geoffrey. If the father would not spoil his own son, he, as the grandfather, absolutely had to. Geoffrey helplessly shook his head and then left the old man’s study. Meanwhile, Haspard took out his phone to start making a call. … In the Lanes household, Howard was also sitting in his own study, sulking. “Grandpa, that guy called Nash isn’t so easy to deal with, right?” Simon had his hands in his pockets, his face incredibly gloomy. He was currently the leader of the ninth branch of the Green Bamboo Association. With Crow around, he could completely ignore the affairs of Causeway Bay. However, now that Crow was dead, Causeway Bay was in chaos. He wanted to take down Nash to avenge Crow but was stopped by his grandfather. “Nash has extraordinary medical skills. He first healed Walter Watson’s wife, then cured Philix King! The Lees, Zakariah, and the Nation

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