Chapter 129

Hera spoke with a cold expression. “Ms. Lewis, please don’t make this difficult for us!” “Yeah, Ms. Lewis. Ms. Mare has issued strict orders. If we let you in, we won’t receive a penny of our salary this month!” The two security guards sounded like they were about to cry. Hera held her forehead with one hand and said to Nash, “You pull them aside…” Nash touched his nose, smiling as he said, “They’re having a hard time as well. Let’s just let it go!” After all, Lauren and Harrison had already informed him about this matter. Hera glared at Nash and said, “Did you all conspire this together?” At that moment, Lauren drove up in a white Audi. Dressed in a white professional outfit, she stepped out of the car and said, “You guys came here so early. You must’ve skipped breakfast, right?” Harrison, with slicked-back hair and dark circles under his eyes, also got out of the car. He handed a brand new LV bag to Hera. “This is the birthday gift I prepared for you!” Hera’s eyes widened

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