Chapter 130

“The Dragon Might Boxing Center is an enterprise invested by Jonford’s wealthiest man, Walter Watson! “The boxing center held two competitions annually, which are the men’s boxing Tiger Crown Championship and the women’s boxing Phoenix Crown Championship! “The Tiger and Phoenix Crowns are crafted from five kilograms of pure gold and embedded with nine diamonds. They're valued at around 700 grand. Additionally, there's a cash prize of 500 grand. That’s how each competition attracts boxers from all over the country to participate!” Skadi was informing Nash and Hera about the Dragon Might Boxing Center. In her eyes, there was a mixture of envy and excitement. Hera held onto Skadi’s arm and asked gently, “Didn’t you train in boxing for a while? Why didn’t you sign up?” With a slight smile, Nash said, “If a martial arts champion like you were to participate in this Phoenix Crown Championship, the Phoenix Crown would undoubtedly belong to you, right?” Skadi detected the teasing in Nas

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