Chapter 131

Bianca’s two bodyguards stepped forward, their powerful auras making everyone dare not overstep their boundaries. At this time, a group of middle-aged men in suits quickly approached. They were Bianca’s coach and agent. The rest were boxers from the club who stood on both sides, blocking all enthusiastic fans and reporters. Bianca looked at Skadi and said, “I’ll look for you guys after the match!” Skadi nodded firmly. “Good luck, Bianca! You’ll definitely win the championship!” Bianca showed a slight smile at the corner of her mouth and then quickly left with her manager and coach. The crowd at the elevator was so large that Hera anxiously clung to Nash’s sleeve. Just then, a middle-aged man suddenly fell toward Hera. Nash kindly supported him from behind. The man turned around, and his face instantly darkened. Nash smiled and asked, “Are you alright?” The man said nothing and walked away. Hera was confused. “Why was he like that? Can’t he even say thank you?” Nash just s

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