Chapter 132

Kai glanced sideways, his previously languid expression instantly becoming somber. Remembering his grandfather’s warning, he slowly suppressed the anger in his heart. Not only his grandfather, but also the two grandmasters in his family had warned him. Nash was not someone they could afford to provoke. If it was just his grandfather warning him, he could put it aside, considering that Nash had healed his grandmother and was thus regarded as a benefactor of the Watsons by his grandfather. However, the fact that both George and Janson said the same thing indicated that Nash’s martial arts strength had exceeded his imagination. At the very least, George and Janson combined were still no match for Nash. Kai took a hefty swig from the glass on the table Duncan also glanced at Nash across the room, then softly chuckled and said, “So that guy is Nash? I heard that Crow, Mr. Lane’s confidant, had his head blown off by him. I wonder if it’s true!” The Duersons and the Watsons had a tig

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