Chapter 133

Meanwhile, in the hands of the Watsons and the Duersons, all it took was one boxing match. Helena could not let Kai miss out on earning four billion for her sake. Kai looked grim and said, “If Nash and the others want to see Bianca win, I can’t fulfill their wishes... I can’t take action against them, but I can use money to play them to death!” Hearing this, Duncan’s expression changed drastically, “Kai... this is four billion we’re talking about!” Kai said nonchalantly, “No amount of money can buy a good mood!” Duncan quickly thought of a solution that would make everyone happy. A cunning smile appeared at the corner of his mouth. “Kai, I’ve thought of a solution…” … As the time for the match approached, a host dressed in a tailcoat walked onto the stage, followed by a sexy blonde bombshell holding a tray. On it was a crown worth 700 grand. “Welcome, everyone, to the Dragon Might Boxing Center. This is the national women’s boxing Phoenix Crown Championship sponsored exclusiv

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