Chapter 134

The host’s voice broke from shouting. The applause at the scene reached an unprecedented level of enthusiasm. A curly-haired woman with dark skin who wore a black windbreaker stepped onto the ring. She stood at 1.9 meters tall, her glistening dark thighs full of muscles. Her exposed belly button and her six-pack abs were extremely prominent. Compared to Bianca, Black Widow had more fans, and their cheers and applause filled the entire arena. Then came the referee and the ten judges. The Watsons had spent a fortune to invite these renowned individuals from various countries. Normally, they could only be seen at the World Boxing Championship. This was to ensure the fairness and impartiality of the match. It was because of their presence that the Watsons' and the Duersons’ poker companies had attracted a large number of bettors. The host finished his lines, and together with the blonde woman holding the tray, he descended from the ring. Bianca and Black Widow bumped fists to

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