Chapter 135

Skadi and her companions had already come down from the second floor to the first. As the staff were blocking the way, they could not go up to console Bianca. The coach, somewhat displeased, said, “Bianca, you have to be on guard. You gave Black Widow an opportunity by continuously attacking!” Bianca took a sip of mineral water, then nodded. She had indeed been too careless earlier. She knew she should not have been off guard against Black Widow. However, in the first round, she wanted to familiarize herself as much as possible with Black Widow’s power and speed. Although she had watched many of Black Widow’s boxing videos and had conducted a lot of training based on those videos, training was, after all, just training. When it came time to execute, she had to get a feel for Black Widow’s speed and strength herself. The coach continued, “In the next round, focus on defense. Drain her energy first, and then find another opportunity when the time is almost up…” Bianca kept nod

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