Chapter 136

In the second year, the destitute boxer borrowed the gold belt and participated in the highest level of the King of Fighters Championship. At the end of the same year, he defeated the world champion, the Dark Lord. The Dark Lord also announced his retirement from boxing that year. Although four years had passed, Nash still remembered the name of that destitute boxer, Mike Thorson. Watching Bianca getting thrashed in the ring, Nash's memories came rushing back like a flood. He had been banned for three years and had never paid any attention to Mike. He had no idea how he was doing now either. They had developed the slums into an affluent area the year Mike became the boxing champion. Without the slums holding him back, he should have gone much further. "Uhm, Bianca,” Hera called out all of a sudden, only to see her receive a punch in the face from the Black Widow. Bianca had also landed a left hook on the left side of Black Widow’s face. Bianca then fell to the ground, and th

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