Chapter 137

The boxers glared at Nash cautiously with their fists clenched. Bianca heard a ruckus behind her and turned her head to look, only to see Nash already by the ring. “Skadi and Hera asked me to tend to your injury.” At the same time, several boxers from the club were crouched on the ground with their hands over their stomachs. Bianca frowned and asked, "Coach, what happened to them?" The coach turned around when he heard her question. He was about to ask what happened when Nash explained, “They have diarrhea.” The coach looked at Nash blankly. “Who are you?” Nash stood a little straighter and replied, "Have you ever heard of McNash?" "Father of the King of Fighters, McNash?" The coach’s eyes were twitching wildly. Of course, he had heard of him. He was the god of all boxing coaches all over the world. He was a destitute boxer who had used illegal techniques and defeated the Dark Lord when he was at his peak. Mike Thorson remembered his former coach after he rose to fame and would

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