Chapter 138

The coach looked toward the ring as well. A moment passed, and he sneered before saying, “I taught Bianca a tactic. Defend first and then attack. It’s not wise to waste energy before finding an opening.” "Your tactic is for them to wait and get beaten? If Black Widow goes all out, Bianca won't be able to fight the third round at all!” Nash’s expression may be blank, but his words dripped with sarcasm. The coach shook his head and scoffed. "I can’t believe I actually went dumb and talked to an idiot.” "I have to correct you there. You're indeed dumb, but I’m not stupid,” Nash responded blankly. The coach was too lazy to continue talking to this guy who was calling himself McNash. He was trying to show off even when he had no skills. The third round ended with Bianca not even scoring one point while Black Widow had reached 32 points in total. She scored 19 points in just one round. Bianca had also been beaten until her nose was bruised and her face swollen. The referee came over

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