Chapter 139

Coach Grande noticed Bianca’s reluctance and said haughtily, "You either kick him out or I’ll leave.” Skadi could no longer stand this. She stood up, pointed to the door, and said, “Go, get the fuck out. I’ll break your legs if you dally here any longer.” Coach Grande ignored Skadi and just looked at Bianca, asking, “Is this what you want too?” Bianca sighed. "You probably don't know it yet, but the Zabel family is the one who invested and started the Neo Power Club.” Coach Grande understood what Bianca was saying and snorted coldly before turning around to leave. Seeing this, the other boxers looked at each other in dismay. Yet, none of them dared say anything. Nash looked at one of the boxers. "Lend me your gloves.” The boxer hesitated for a moment before he took the gloves off his neck and passed them to Nash. Nash took off his coat and put on his gloves. He then walked to an open space. "The fact that you were able to win nine consecutive victories shows that you have pr

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