Chapter 140

Mike Thorson, the world-class King of Fighters. For four consecutive years, he was undefeated, securing numerous championship belts and awards with overwhelming success. His endorsement fee for advertisements also ran up in billions. He then entered the entertainment industry two years ago and made it to Hollywood where he won an Academy Award and was selected to be one of the most influential actors in Hollywood by the judges for two consecutive years. Mike’s achievements today were inseparable from his personal trainer, McNash. Skadi found it hard to believe when Nash said he was McNash. "It doesn’t matter if he’s McNash or not. If he says he is, then I believe him.” Hera nodded resolutely. She did not believe that Nash would lie to her. There was no need for him to do so either. He would still be her fiance even if he did not have all these titles. Skadi felt Hera's forehead. "Hera, did Nash brainwash you or something? McNash is almost 80 years old. We don’t even know if he

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