Chapter 141

”You’re free to throw your punches now, but make me your target,” Nash said. Bianca took two deep breaths before throwing her punches based on the various combinations Nash had taught her. Nash kept moving his right hand in different directions to defend himself. Whether they were feints or real, Nash managed to defend against them all perfectly. It was as if Nash was able to predict her moves. Bianca faked a left uppercut and then immediately moved to throw a hook at Nash’s abdomen. Nash raised his hand to block the left uppercut and then protected his abdomen with his right hand in the next second. This was not the speed at which ordinary people could move. Bianca could not help feeling a little discouraged. She did not dare complain, however, and at the same time, she was able to see through Nash's understanding of boxing. She even believed that Nash was McNash now. He was the father of the King of Fighters who became a legend in the boxing world without even fighting a m

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