Chapter 142

Nash hung Coach Grande’s coaching ID around his neck and answered calmly, "You can call me out if I’m fake.” His admission to being McNash boosted Bianca’s confidence. What was more was that he was actually the real McNash. Nash then used some massage techniques to help relieve the soreness in Bianca’s muscles as well as her fatigue. … In Black Widow’s lounge, Duncan was sitting cross-legged on a chair when he said lightly, “Mr. Kai wants to see to see Bianca on the ground permanently the next round.” A smile broke out on the foreign coach’s face. "We can rest assured with his instruction.” Black Widow had inherited the Dark Lord’s reputation and fighting power. She had not lost a single battle over four years. As Black Widow's full-time sparring partner, he also did not want to see the future King of Fighters die halfway. He believed that Black Widow would replace Mike Thorson within five years and become the strongest King of Fighters. The 30-minute break came to an end, an

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