Chapter 143

There would be another match between Mammoth of the Tiger Crown and Black Widow of the Phoenix Crown later. The Watsons would first throw away 46 billion before manipulating and profiting heavily from a large number of unsuspecting investors. In just three minutes, the number of votes for Tiger Crown reached one billion. The corners of Nash's mouth curled up into a sinister smile. If he had not come here today, the Watsons would have earned tens of billions today and many families would have been ruined. As his master had said, one could be a saint by accumulating virtue, doing good, and taking pleasure in helping others. He shall be a saint today, then. Nash put away his phone and went to the area. Black Widow made a neck-slashing gesture directly at Bianca. Nash walked up to the ring and said, "Bianca, be careful. Black Widow may try to kill you.” Bianca nodded fearlessly with her mouthguard in place before walking toward the middle of the ring. The battle was imminent.

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