Chapter 144

Practically the moment Fred yelled, Bianca landed a right hook on Black Widow's face. She then followed up with a combination of punches that caught Black Widow by surprise. The referee circled the two of them closely with a whistle in his mouth. He would blow the whistle immediately the moment either one of them violated the rules. Bianca delivered nearly 500 punches in a minute, and Black Widow managed to block 495 of them. Black Widow was bleeding from her mouth and nose after receiving five punches to her head. Her nose was bruised, and her eyes were swollen. Bianca punched her in the waist again. She started with three left hook feints before following them up with two right hook feints. Black Widow defended with all her might against all five of those attacks. While the attacking party could use feints, the defending party would still have to treat the feints as if they were real as they would never know if they might turn out to be real attacks. Black Widow managed to get

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