Chapter 145

"Go and tell Black Widow that if she fails to take down Bianca, I won't let her go back to Frelden!” Duncan laughed and said, “Kai, take it easy. If Bianca wins the Phoenix Crown, we’ll get 46 billion.” Kai frowned and replied, "What about the Tiger vs Phoenix Championship? How are we going to proceed without the Black Widow?" "Won’t we still have Bianca?” "If Bianca wins the final championship, it might cause trouble for the young lady!" Duncan looked at Helena calmly. "What are you saying, Mr. Duncan? Do you think I'm stupid?” Helena shot Duncan a blank look. Of course, she would not let Kai give up so much money for her own feelings. In the ring, Bianca’s punches were getting harder and harder, and Black Widow was becoming more and more panicked as this fierce style of boxing reminded her of someone. Her father's old enemy—Mike Thorson. These were his tactics, especially the previous sets of combination punches. Black Widow's pupils constricted violently as she felt a de

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