Chapter 146

Dragon Might Boxing Center. “Damn it… Damn it!" Kai grabbed his hair frantically. His eyes were crimson, and he looked ready to kill. He had cast the net for three years, and when it was finally time to pull it back in, two unexpected factors appeared. Nash and Theo. They were two individuals who he did not dare lay a hand on either. It was the first time Helena saw Kai so angry. She was too scared to speak. Duncan's face was as pale as paper, and it was a long time before he slowly breathed in and tried consoling the man, "Kai, don't worry. We still have the Tiger vs Phoenix Competition!" At this moment, Duncan's bodyguard came over and said, "Mr. Duncan, Mr. Kai, we received a notice from Mandagor. Votes for Mammoth have dropped to 77 million.” Crash! The glass in Duncan's hand fell to the ground. "How… How did it slip?” he asked, stunned. Even a fool would know that Tiger would win the Tiger vs Phoenix Championship. As long as they made Mammoth lose, they would be able

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