Chapter 147

Six bodyguards were standing side-by-side at the door, blocking the media reporters from entering the elevator. Queenie wrinkled her nose in displeasure. "You're gonna ignore me? Fine, then. You think you’re so great?” In the ring, the host watched as Kai entered the elevator and was worried about what to do when he saw Queenie. He immediately explained, "It looks like Mr. Kai has something urgent to attend to, so this time, the prize will be presented by Miss Queenie, the lady of the wealthiest family in Jonford.” The spotlight instantly landed on Queenie. "Shit, what’s going on?” Queenie was a little dazed. The boxing center staff stepped forward to explain the situation to Queenie. Only then did she understand the ins and outs of the situation. She smiled and said, "Isn't it just some award? What's so difficult about that?!" She then stepped into the ring while accompanied by a few bodyguards and staff. When Queenie realized that the winner of the Phoenix Crown was not Black

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