Chapter 148

After Bianca said that, she left the place quickly. If Miss Queenie's family was not going to give consideration to Nash, then she would not give them any consideration either. Queenie was stunned as she watched Bianca leave. Nash… was Bianca's coach? Was he not a doctor? He did not dedicate himself solely to medical skills but went on to teach others boxing instead… He also managed to coach such a powerful boxer? … Nash drove the Maserati and took Skadi and Hera to the playground. Skadi and Hera had a great time. Like a parent, Nash helped them carry their unfinished snacks. He suddenly felt as if he was the third wheeler. At noon, they had a casual lunch and then went to the cinema. When they were at the entrance of the cinema, Skadi saw groups of young couples and said with a smile, "I’ll skip out on the movie. I need to go see Bianca!" Displeased, Hera huffed. “We already bought the tickets. Why did you suddenly change your mind?" Skadi smiled and pushed the two of th

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