Chapter 149

The female lead suffered inhuman torture, and when Mike arrived at the old warehouse where she was held, she was already dying. She died in Mike's arms. Mike was distraught and was about to burst into tears. Many viewers have begun wiping away their tears. Hera was also rubbing the corners of his eyes with a napkin. Nash saw this and held Hera's hand tightly. Hera pursed her lips and leaned on Nash's shoulder as she continued watching the movie. After what happened, Mike did nothing but drink all day long. He squandered all his savings and ended up living in the slums. It was there he met a group of kind old people and innocent children. These people lived a life of starvation, and the upper class trampled on the dignity of the poor. They bought the poor people here to be their slaves and would beat and curse them if they ever disagreed with them. Mike also saw his two favorite children get beaten to death by children from those rich families with his own two eyes. He was d

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