Chapter 150

It was hard for her to imagine that Nash had already been wandering about abroad when he was only 17 or 18 years old. Nash smiled and said, "It's just a movie. Some parts are exaggerated, so don’t take it seriously. Besides, haven’t you seen my body before? Did you see any gunshot wounds on it?" Hera pouted and replied, "With how good your medical skills are, of course not.” Nash squeezed Hera's small, soft hand. "It happened a long time ago, don't worry about it!" Hera rolled her eyes while she pondered. She decided to check whether there were any scars on Nash when he was asleep tonight. The film lasted 120 minutes. It was mainly about the difficult life the King of Fighters, Mike, led. After the movie ended, Nash was filled with emotions. He was with Mike for more than a year, but the man never mentioned his past. He never thought that this guy had such a miserable childhood. After that, Nash went shopping with Hera. The two walked side-by-side and hand-in-hand like a young c

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