Chapter 151

Hera nodded. Nash asked, "Do you like it?" Hera shook her head. "It's beautiful but I don't like it!" These roses were Kai's gift to Helena so obviously she would not like them. Nash continued, "What if I was the one who prepared these roses for you?" "Then, I still won't like them! "How much money did you waste on all these roses? “I don’t like a man who’s wasteful with money! "Alright, it's getting dark. Let's hurry and go inside so Skade and the rest don't wait for too long!" Hera grabbed Nash's pinkie and started walking. Soon, the two of them arrived at the entrance of the Chateau Hotel. Right opposite it was a massive green lawn. On the grass, there was a heart made out of roses, and the center was 'Happy Birthday' written out with blue roses. Carmen was dressed in luxury clothing from head to toe as she stood in the middle of the heart. She had a Hermes bag on her shoulder and there was a smile on her face. "Come, strike a pose! "Smile!" Skadi was instruc

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