Chapter 152

Skadi suddenly shouted for him to come over. Nash immediately walked towards them. Skadi found a good position for Nash, adjusted the night-mode settings, then went back into the center of the heart of roses. She posed with Hera by making a huge heart with their arms. Nash took a few pictures. Skadi changed their poses a few more times as they laughed as beautifully as flowers. Even a group of men nearby was drooling as they watched the girls. Skadi then exchanged positions with Nash to take some pictures of Nash and Hera. At that moment, Carmen brought her boyfriend over. Carmen could not help but laugh, "Darling, let me tell you something interesting. Mr. Kai's girlfriend is my junior's older sister!" The man looked surprised. "Really?" Carmen continued, "Today is Hera's birthday. Helena's birthday is on the fifth of next month!" The man was rather confused. "So why is it Helena's birthday celebration today instead of Hera's?" Carmen replied mockingly, "There was no

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