Chapter 153

Helena choked up, "I love it! I really, really love it!" Queenie was following behind Kai looked envious. "Helena, I'm so jealous that you found a boyfriend as good as my brother. I hope that my future boyfriend will also celebrate my birthday like this!" Helena giggled. "You're so beautiful, Queenie! You're definitely going to marry into the top wealthiest family in Capitol!" "I'll hold onto you for that!" While they talked and laughed everyone went to the main entrance. The sharp-eyed Queenie immediately spotted Nash and Hera taking pictures amongst the flowers. The smile on her face switched into an irritated expression. "Sigh, we're so unlucky! Why do we keep running into them everywhere? Helena sneered. "I'll go take a look..." She did not invite Hera, yet she actually came to the Chateau Hotel. If she did not punish her, she would not have done Kai's premium membership card justice. Queenie looked at Kai and asked, "Kai... are you not going to go over?" Kai's expre

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