Chapter 154

When she saw Helena, a happy smile immediately broke out on Carmen's face. "Helena, you're here!" "Carmen, Mr. Gardner, it's nice to see you!" Helena knew Carman too. They were in the same class but Carmen used to look down on her. Now that she was Kai's girlfriend, Carmen was fawning over her. However, if it was not for Charles' sake, she would not have bothered with that woman. Hera grabbed Nash's hand and whispered, "Nash, let's go!" Nash smiled and asked, "Where?" Hera rolled her eyes at Nash. "I'm hungry, let's go home to eat!" She took out her phone and glanced at it. Her parents had not called her. She opened Whatsapp and there was not a single message. Did they not promise to call her when they were done preparing dinner? Nash asked, "Isn't this a place to eat?" "It is, but it isn't a place worth eating at!" Rooney and Hubert walked over. It was Rooney who spoke. Hera's worst fears were happening. Her face flushed red and her hand that held onto Nash's w

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