Chapter 155

Rooney nodded in agreement. "You're right, they're shameless enough anyways!" Skadi could not stand it anymore. She took a step forward and angrily said, "You better keep your mouth shut, fatty!" ‘F... fatty?’ Rooney looked at Skadi dumbfoundedly. "You... are you talking to me?" Skadi loudly said, "Don't you have any idea who I'm talking to?" Rooney had no clue. She even looked around in hopes of seeing a fat person in the crowd. However, there was not a single fat person around. This was when she realized Skadi was insulting her. Rooney snapped and screamed, "You b*tch! I dare you to say it again!" She had come to celebrate her daughter's birthday so how could this blonde girl insult her? "Stupid b*tch! "F*cking fatty! "You eat more than a pig, don't you?" Skadi's hands were on her hips and her saliva went flying everywhere. Hera grabbed Skadi's wrist and whispered, "Skade, that's enough..." She did not feel an ounce of pity for Rooney, Hera was just wary that Skade

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