Chapter 156

It was dinner time, and everyone who was supposed to be present had arrived. Now, it was time to give Hera her surprise. Bianca had a calm look on her face. In the boxing world, Nash was otherwise known as McNash, the father of all boxers. It was no surprise he could afford to reserve a private room here. Harrison’s eyes widened, and he stared at Nash in shock. “Nashy… did… Did you really reserve a room at the Chateau Hotel?” Lauren stayed silent, the corner of her mouth curling upward into a nearly indiscernible smile. It was as if she had already seemed through everything. Hera turned to Nash, her elegant eyebrows knitting themselves together as she said, “Nash, you should cancel your reservation!” Even if Nash had reserved a private room so they could have dinner at the Chateau Hotel… Helena’s family would still mock them. She did not like comparing herself to others, but was there anyone in the world who could truly refrain from ever doing so? Helena had alway

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