Chapter 157

“Ms. Lowe, did my grandfather invite you here tonight?” Kai asked politely. “Who is your grandfather?” Sienna smiled as she asked in her voice which sounded as melodious as a nightingale’s song. An embarrassed look appeared on Kai’s face. “My grandfather is Walter Watson, the richest man in Jonford!” Sienna shook her head. “I don’t know him!” Kai’s embarrassment increased. “Then, were you invited by the Chateau Hotel?” Sienna smiled sweetly. “Yes, that’s right. The Lowe family has shares in the Chateau Hotel, and the chairman specially requested that I help host a revered VIP guest tonight. I think it’s his girlfriend’s birthday tonight!” Everyone in the Lewis family perked up when they heard that. The excitement they felt was unlike anything they had ever experienced. The revered VIP guest… was that not Kai? Did that not make Helena the guest’s girlfriend? “You’ve brought so much honor to the Lewis family name, Helena!” “Indeed. I never thought the Lewis family w

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