Chapter 158

Sienna's taut nerves relaxed after ending the call. Waves of panic had washed over her when she thought she needed to host Kai Watson. “Nash… help me get an autograph from Sienna!” Skadi tugged on Nash’s sleeve, speaking slightly louder than needed because of her nerves. Sienna’s nerves immediately returned when she heard Nash’s name. The corner of Nash’s mouth curled upward. “Why don’t you want to do it yourself?” “You’re a guy, and you’re decent-looking. There’s no way Sienna would say no to you. Besides, she’s an A-list celebrity. Countless men wish they could get this close to her. Take this chance while her bodyguards aren’t around her!” “No, I won’t!” Nash stuffed his hands into his pockets, ignoring the pleading look in Skadi’s eyes. Skadi’s eyes gleamed, and she leaned forth to whisper to Nash, “I bet you didn’t know that Sienna is Hera’s favorite celebrity. She’ll be delighted if you get her an autographed picture of Sienna, and who knows? She might be so happ

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