Chapter 159

Wendy was stunned. Her mouth hung agape as she turned to stare at Sienna. There was absolutely nothing about that man which made him seem like the big shot who would own a black-and-gold-colored card! Was there a mistake? Sienna dragged Wendy to stand behind her and bowed to Nash. “Greetings, honorable Mr. Calcraft. You’re one of the Chateau Hotel’s platinum-level members, and I will be hosting you and your friends for dinner tonight!” Boom! Kai, Queenie, and the Lee family felt like they had just been struck by thunder. Their mouths fell open as their eyes widened. Instead of hosting Kai and Helena, Sienna would be hosting Nash and Hera instead. Harrison and Rooney remained motionless as if they had been turned into statues. Hera, Skadi, and Bianca all clapped a hand to their mouths. Time felt like it had frozen. Everyone stood so still it was like they had gotten petrified. It was so quiet you could hear a pin drop. Nash was stunned as well. It seemed that p

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