Chapter 160

A woman’s calm voice rang out, and a group of people entered through the main entrance. Olivia and her parents walked in with their family’s bodyguards. Queenie was stunned. Her family, the Watsons, were the richest in Jonford, and her older brother held a premium membership at the Chateau Hotel. Yet, the Lee family wanted such esteemed guests removed from the premises. Helena’s face paled as she clutched the hem of her shirt. She was having a hard time accepting the fact she would get kicked out of the Chateau Hotel today. “Hey, Lee! Mr. Kai holds a premium membership at the Chateau Hotel. Do you really have the guts to have such a respected guest kicked out?” Rooney shouted at Olivia without any fear. “You may have misheard me just now. I did not say I was kicking him out, but merely requested that he leave with his companions…” Olivia explained calmly. “Did you hear her, Helena? She won’t kick us out!” Rooney secretly heaved a sigh of relief. It would have been th

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