Chapter 161

Sienna smiled as she gestured. “Mr. Calcraft, Ms. Lewis, please come with me!” Nash took Hera’s hand and realized her palm was all sweaty. Hera had not recovered from the shock she had just received. The young master of the Watsons had been kicked out. Nash held a platinum membership at the Chateau Hotel. Capiton’s top star was hosting her birthday celebration. Was… was she dreaming? The Lewis family members were so embarrassed they wished there was a hole for them to bury themselves in. Hera’s family had always been the one they looked down on, but they were the center of everyone’s attention today. They hesitated, wondering if they should go forth and say hello to Harrison and Laura. “Hera… I’ve just sent you a follow request on Instagram. Please approve it when you see it!” A demure smile immediately appeared on Carmen’s face. Charles also grabbed the keys to the Lamborghini sports car he was initially planning to gift to Helena and stuffed them into Carmen’s

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