Chapter 162

Laura’s attitude and tone were sincere and showed no sign that she was making fun of them. After all, it was her daughter’s birthday today, and she too hoped everyone could enjoy themselves as they celebrated her daughter’s birthday. Rooney glared at Laura before scoffing. “Stop being so pretentious. It’s just dinner. I’m sure Mr. Kai will have something even grander arranged for when it’s my daughter’s turn!” “Mom, stop it!” Helena was too embarrassed to stay inside any longer. She grabbed her mother’s hand and ran out with her. Hubert hurried after them. Herman shook his head. “Let them be. We should go ahead and celebrate Hera’s birthday!” Sienna led everyone to the Ultimate Royalty Room. Over thirty leather armchairs were arranged around a massive circular table. A massive chandelier was suspended from the ceiling, casting its gentle light into every corner of the room. In the corner was an expensive grand piano. The artwork and paintings decorating the walls we

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