Chapter 163

Hera giggled. “You’ll have to ask him…” Conversation and laughter flowed freely as everyone got into their seats. Hera’s classmates took out the small but thoughtful gifts they had prepared. The presents included musical snow globes, resin kits, silver bracelets, earrings, teddy bears, and the like. They did not cost much, but they were all meaningful gifts. Skadi retrieved a rectangular box made from sandalwood from her bag and placed it in front of Hera. “Here you go. This is your birthday gift from me!” “Hehe… thank you, Skade!” Hera and Skadi were so close they were practically sisters. She saw no need for formalities between them. The motion-sensing lights inside the box immediately lit up when she opened the box. Inside the box was a mound of bubble wrap wrapped in gold-colored satin, and in the middle was a pair of finely carved bracelets made from jade. The bracelets were made from a type of white-colored jade, and one of the more well-known types of white j

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