Chapter 164

Skadi pestered Hera endlessly, and she had no choice but to accept her gift of a pair of extremely expensive bracelets. Hera’s professors back from her time in college also gave her some birthday money. It was not a lot of money, but it was the thought that counted. Cain took an envelope out of his wallet. “A little something from me to you, Hera!” Hera’s hands trembled as she took the envelope, and she sounded choked up when she said, “Thank you, Uncle Cain…” It was her twenty-second birthday today. It was also the first time her Uncle Cain had given her a birthday gift. Harrison muttered, “That envelope doesn’t even look like it’s got anything in it!” Laura smiled. “This gift was supposed to be for Helena, so I’m sure he wouldn’t have been too stingy. I have a feeling there’s a check inside the envelope!” Harrison rubbed his hands together. “How much money do you think there will be?” Laura shook her head. “I have no idea, but there’s no way it’ll be anything less t

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