Chapter 165

Hera was moved to tears. She held on to Nash’s hand tightly, warm and fuzzy feelings washing over her. The table soon became laden with wine and food. The food prepared for this birthday celebration was the same standard as when Theo invited Nash to dinner. Every dish ranged between eighteen thousand dollars and several hundred thousand dollars. All the wines served were also from high-end, desired brands. Sienna had invited a famous piano maestro to perform the birthday song. She also poured drinks for everyone present. Hera’s classmates were in awe. It was a birthday celebration, but they felt they were bringing honor to their families. After Hera, Skadi, and everyone else had eaten and drunk to their heart's content, they asked to take pictures with Sienna and the piano maestro. Naturally, Sienna was not one to turn down such simple requests. She returned to her room to change outfits and touch up her makeup. Wendy had majored in photography, and she took on the

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