Chapter 166

“A birthday gift?” Hera was a little dazed. Nash had already given her plenty of presents today, so what other gifts could there be? Skadi pointed to the large truck parked on the road. “I have no idea what he bought, but it’s something that requires a large truck for delivery!” Hera quickly turned to Nash and asked, “What did you buy?” “Why don’t we go and take a look?” Nash took Hera’s hand and led her toward the side of the road. At this time, the Lewis family members also had puzzled expressions on their faces. They had asked the truck driver, but he remained silent. Nash and Hera arrived at the side of the road. The driver finally turned to Nash and asked, “Are you Mr. Nash Calcraft?” Nash nodded. “I am.” The driver handed a delivery note to Nash. “Could you please sign here?” Nash took a large pen and signed his name. Then, the driver snapped his fingers, and the young man in the passenger seat pressed the switch on the truck. The back of the container slowly opened.

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