Chapter 167

Wendy’s beautiful eyes shimmered brightly. “Such a man is the most charming!” … On the other hand, Hera was so moved that she did not know what to say. She held Nash tightly and sobbed. “Nash… Why are you so good to me?” Before she knew Nash, she was not valued in her family. It was not until Nash came to the Lewises to fulfill the marriage contract that she gained a place in the family. Helena had despised Nash, so she stood up to marry him. Later, Grandpa lost his memory, and he once again turned his focus on Helena’s family. Today, everything changed because of Nash. Relatives would no longer mock her family. Helena’s family also would not dare to provoke her and her parents because of Nash. Grandpa and Uncle Cain would focus on supporting Baroque. All of this was brought about by Nash. Even so, this man had absolutely no evil thoughts. Even when she slept beside him, he would not so easily touch her. “You’re my fiancee. If I’m not good to you, who else should I be good

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