Chapter 171

Lauren shouted anxiously, “Harrison, come back…” Just as she said this, Harrison had already rushed into the villa’s living room. Hubert and Rooney were hiding in the distance, crying their hearts out. Looking at the big fire in front of her, Helena was angry. Who was it? Who was so malicious as to want to wipe out the entire Lewises? Suddenly, there was a sound of abrupt braking. A red Maserati screeched to a halt by the roadside. Nash and Hera quickly hurried to Lauren’s side. “Please be okay! Please be okay!” Lauren was as nervous as a cat on a hot tin roof. Although she usually mocked Harrison, all that was to spur his fighting spirit. At this critical juncture, she was more anxious than anyone else. “Mom…” Hera choked out a cry. Seeing her daughter coming over, the tough Lauren could not help but hug her and burst into tears. “Hera…” Hera also could not help crying, and the mother and daughter hugged each other tightly. Meanwhile, Nash glanced around at the scene.

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