Chapter 172

Flames flowed like terrifying waves along the ceiling toward the door. The enormous impact toppled the walls. Harrison saw Nash standing in front of him, blocking the flames. He was instantly shocked. “Nashy, w-why did you come in too?” His father was trapped in the fire, so he had to come in. Even if he could not get out, at least he could repay his father for his upbringing. Nonetheless, Nash was different. He was Hera’s boyfriend, and the two were not married yet. If anything happened to Nash, how would he explain this to Hera? Nash looked at the unrecognizable old man and felt as if something was blocking his throat. The ceiling began to fracture, and the burning chandelier was about to fall. Cracks began spreading like spider webs on all four walls. In the searing heat, there was a pungent stench. Nash frowned and immediately shouted, “Let’s go... Hurry!” Harrison wanted to help his father up, but he was already oxygen-deprived and could not muster any more strength.

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